Sprite + Lemonade = ?

The Crooked Lemon. That is the name for one of my new favorite drinks of ALL TIME.

It is made with a 3:2 ratio of Sprite:Lemonade, and it tastes like it is nectar of the gods. I’m not kidding here. This stuff is better than a Shakespear. That’s gotta be good.

Oh, you don’t know what a Shakespear is? Of course you don’t, I made it myself. I’ve come up with tons of these. A Shakespear is 1/2 Lemonade, 1/2 Water, with a pinch of salt, and a pinch of sugar. It’s almost poetic (it’s a shakespear, get it?) The Shakespear is for a more refined pallete- heh no. I like it, but I’m not sure how much other people would. It’s kind of bitter, which is sort of controversial, but you know, I like it, so I hope you do too.

Anyway, I may share more of these drinks with you guys later, I have to perfect them.


About Paul Tilley

I like video games and other nerdy stuff. That is pretty much the statement that describes my entire life.
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