Wii U, The Good and Bad – The Good

To me, the Wii U brings up a controversial storm inside my mind. One side of me thinks, “Golly, those HD graphics sure look dandy, and the games look amazing!” but then another side says “Holy crapoli, that controller looks so wonky and uncomfortable to hold – and that pro controller is just an xbox ripoff!”

So I have decided to make a comprehensive list of the 5 best things about the Wii U… and the 5 worst. Enjoy.

The 5 best things about the Wii U:

(1) – The great selection of games:

The Wii U is home to a great selection of games – even if there are only 85. Assassin’s Creed III, Black Ops II, Batman: Arkham City, and many other great games have been ported onto the Wii U successfully. Some of these games, such as Call of Duty, are much more appropriate to play with the Pro Controller (shown below)

Wii U Pro Controller

(2) – Fancy Shmancy HD Graphics:

There’s not much explaining to do on this one – The Wii U’s HD Graphics simply look beautiful. The original Wii looked dull compared to, say, and Xbox or PS3, but now it makes up for it, magically.

“Simply magical”

(3) – Backwards Compatability:

Ahh, the trademark of the Nintendo console: backwards compatability! Nintendo DS BC’d with the Gameboy, The Wii BC’d with the Gamecube, and now, the Wii U BC’s with the Wii! This is very nice, because it means you can sell your Wii, and just use your new, fancy Wii U!

The Wii is backwards compatible with the gamecube.

(4) – Mii Creation:

Making your Mii’s is easier than ever! Not that is was very difficult in the first place… but with the new gamepad, you simply take a photo of yourself – and it transfers your face to a Mii! Suprisingly, it is very accurate, too!

Take a picture, and BAM!

(5) – Online Capabilities:

The original Wii had the worst online play of any game console in history, pretty much. In order to even friend another person, you had to get their 20-digit “Wii Code” and plug it into your Wii. And who even knew what that “Mii Parade” thing was anyway? Yeah. Well, in the new Wii U, we are brought much better online play. The Miiverse is a social network of sorts incorporated into the Wii U that allows you to share achievements, and chat with others. Also use Nintendo Network (nintendo equivelant of Xbox Live, or PSN) and play with your friends!

Use your Wii U or 3DS!

And that’s my synopsis! Tune in next Sunday for “The Bad

Dun dun dun….


About Paul Tilley

I like video games and other nerdy stuff. That is pretty much the statement that describes my entire life.
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