Philosophy of the Week

“No, I don’t know what water is. Why do you ask?” said the fish.

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Couple, Few, Several

So there’s this little bunch of words, most prominent of which are “Couple”, “Few”, and “Several.” I hate it when I ask somebody about a quantity, and they answer with one of these.

“Hey Bob, how many pages is the essay supposed to be?”

“I dunno, a few”

Gosh, that gets on my nerves. So I’ve come up with a system:

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Sprite + Lemonade = ?

The Crooked Lemon. That is the name for one of my new favorite drinks of ALL TIME.

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Wii U, The Good and Bad – The Good

To me, the Wii U brings up a controversial storm inside my mind. One side of me thinks, “Golly, those HD graphics sure look dandy, and the games look amazing!” but then another side says “Holy crapoli, that controller looks so wonky and uncomfortable to hold – and that pro controller is just an xbox ripoff!”

So I have decided to make a comprehensive list of the 5 best things about the Wii U… and the 5 worst. Enjoy.

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